Spanked by wife

Always like to play with the titles, so that other Google searches might find this blog.
Aside: Well, Cindy is still somewhat reluctant to spank me, as she had given me one of her strongest ever spankings the day before I had a heart attack, followed by fabulous love making.

However, I had not felt well for a number of weeks, starting from hurting my knee while playing baseball. I was on antibiotics, and did NOT even feel like drinking wine or beer while on a two week cruise.I still believe that the injury started the problem. I fell hard scraping a knee running full speed in the infield rounding the bases, and scraping the knee and leg with a lot of dirt and lost skin. The key point is that the City had signs up that the field had been sprayed for weeds that day, and shouldn't be used. however, this does not stop stupid adults. I bathed and cleaned the knee carefully, but three days later the leg before the knee turned blackish, which faded after a week of antibiotics.

However, I now feel strong, except still for the knee, almost three months  later...

Cindy first took a freshen up bath, I put on some panties, and waited for Cindy to call me. Cindy was dressed in sexy lingerie, and we caressed and kissed before I crawled over her knees.  Cindy did a few soft spanks with her hand, then lowered my panties, and commenced with the wooden hairbrush.
I must say that she lost any reluctance of spanking me once she started. The spanks were hard, with a little lecture of things i could do to improve and reduce annoyances. The spanks were significant, and numerous, and I started owwing and moving around on her lap.

She graced one cheek for a number of spanks until I started bouncing, then moved to the other cheek to repeat the method, then back to the first cheek.... OWWWWWWWWW.

A bottom that has only been spanked a little in the last week, and none for two months before really feels .every spank. Cindy stopped, and I started to move off her knees,when a hand on the small of my back and the words " I am just resting a little", let me know more was to come, and they did with even greater force, the same level that has been used when spanking me for the last few years.

Clearly, Cindy is willing to spank me when needed from now on.

The love making after the spanking ended was FABULOUS.;Very similar to other recent posts, but always little differences and nuances making the ride spectacular!!!!

If you ever are wondering to try spanking... Go for it...

An afterthought: A reminder of how they thought of the name, and how you spell Google