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videos from Dana Kane

Publicity is always a good thing, so I thought I would publicize a video site set-up by Dana Kane showing her free videos.

Ms Kane is an attractive, responsible and sensible disciplinarian.

The site: http://danakanegallery.blogspot.com/

I have only looked at a couple of the videos, but the :
TIPS FOR TOPS: THE STRIKE ZONE  is something I would recommend to everyone who is new to spanking. Where to spank the bottom is essential for safety... but not to be confused with the location of the spanking be it the bedroom, a hotel room, or on a cruise ship.. However, this item used is too severe for the beginner spanker and spankee.

My only reservations are always related to bruising or blood being drawn, and Dana rarely shows these.

TIPS FOR TOPS: DON'T BREAK YOUR BOTTOM I also recommend, but doubt that we will be buying this product...
The OTK rug beater looks like a very very effective Loopy Johnny, which I have never experienced,but accept without reservation Ronnie's complete dislike for being used on her bottom.
Thanks Dana, for putting together an excellent collection of free videos for everyone to explore, and I love your tongue in cheek commentaries.... Well, I love them as long as I am not the person being so effectively spanked.

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