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about to be spanked

Spanking pictures are wonderful, in stimulating the libido...
One can imagine having the good fortune to watch this lady..  be publicly spanked (but unfortunately clothed)
whereas this lady is already being spanked
This lady is delighted with the idea that you will spank her..
whereas this lady is chagrined at the immediacy of her spanking about to occur
this lady has happily bared her bottom and happily awaits her fate
conversely, this lady is happy to escort YOU to your very public spanking
and this lady allows you a little time to pity yourself for the spanking you are about to receive
whether you cook the meal properly or not, that implement is about to make your bottom hotter than the stove
with the report in her hand of your behavior, she has sentenced you to a severe spanking
and pleading on your knees will not deter her
These ladies are happy  to escort you to give you your very public thrashing

 enjoy the idea