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Fun spanking positions

Variety is the spice of life, so just like spankos enjoy having different implements to spank or be spanked with.
How about allowing your  partner to increase her upper arm strength exercises, by bending at the waist, but standing on a chair so your bottom is much higher

Being placed in different positions to spank or receive a spanking can also be fun. (???)
Standing on the bed... why not?
Of course, you could just lie on the bed and accept your fate
Alternatively, you might get some exercise by doing planks while being spanked
of course, a friend might enjoy resting her arms on your back, while you are over the couch with your nose touching the floor, and being spanked. At least she is enjoying herself!
The most painful I know is the diaper position

and lastly, the old sit on my back while you spank my  bottom
spanked2tears:  Bath-Brush Blistering…  Gangnam Style!
so, hopefully, a few ideas to start the new week
stiff upper lip, and grin and bear it