hot new photos: site to visit

You will probably see this photo on a lot of tumblr sites very soon, and many spanking blogs. You may have already seen it.
I found it on 

The original site for this picture is
This photo is also excellent, implying that your excuse is being listened to, but not for much longer, as the cane is already visible and waiting to be used. Your  attempts to lessen your number of strokes may actually be increasing the number of strokes, as patience and belief in what you are stating seems to be waning rapidly
Glowing hot has many pages of spanking photos, 123 at the moment, and it only stated 3 weeks or so ago. This unique use of the carpet beater is quite excellent.
Don’t stop!
It also has photos of spanking implements, and one I really like is the jokari paddle that I had once heard about. 

So now that she  has your extreme ATTENTION 
go have a visit to both sites