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new readers always welcomed

It is always nice to have new readers, and specially if they send a information about their situation. Plus, comments are wonderful, whenever anyone chooses to write.

so here is what Archedone wrote:
I came across your site about a week ago.  I love it. I've posted a few comments in different areas and love the comments you get from others.  I also am a spanked husband, I also wear silk panties ( made for men ) and my spanking usually leads to sex. I would say I get erotic spanking even though my bottom is very red and sore after, and usually has a few welts from the whip she uses.
I don't get much OTK, I'm usually bent over the spanking bench I made for her or bent over the end of the bed or other object. 
She loves to spank me in different positions and we have a nice assortment of implements for her to carry out the spanking.  
We have the whip I mentioned, a belt, strop, paddle, wooden spoon, rod.  She also loves to take pictures of my bottom during and after spanking, so she can show me my well spanked bottom after.