Witnessed spankings

Today's collection of photos has a  person being spanked, with others watching.....
The first photo looks like a demonstration spanking! Hopefully it is only showing how to start, and then progress to underwear down and using some spanking implement stronger than a hand.
The next one allows the witness to see the facial reactions, but the potential worry on the face might mean she is to be spanked when this spanking is finished!
Now the witness is being encouraged to help out a little, by lowering the woman's only protection left..her panties
Maybe his is moving around too much, so could you help me keep him  in place....
you don't mind dear, if Cindy ads a few extra spanks to your well deserving to be spanked bottom?
or maybe even be over both of our laps, while Cindy adds a few spanks..
That's it, have a few more swats
but is this up close look about to be repeated on her naked bottom that we can see?
Could be even a better experience for the novice spanker to use a paddle with her sister, a more experienced  spanker
and finally, she permits you to do the spanking on your own will watching

but, are you really spanked so often, that your sister in law does not even bother to watch..
or is she simply waiting her turn to be spanked?