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wordless communication

Just a little humor, to suggest that words of endearment are not necessarily needed to inform the male that he is about to be spanked.
Some women appreciate that at many times men wear a leash, otherwise known as a tie.
 A little grasp of the ear and leading him does indicate a slight amount of displeasure that will be rectified on your bottom..Maybe accompanied by his thoughts
Perhaps the stare says it all
or he has already had his clothes removed
One that is ever so nice.... with a little pout of disappointment

"Oh honey, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a spanking. Let's get it over with dear. Get me the strap and take your pants off."
or perhaps you are being lead in public to the nearest chair for everyone to watch you being spanked
however it is done, the end result is a foregone conclusion
bottoms up