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a blog as a learning tool and also a spanking

I am starting to try to experiment with different features, thus improving my mind by struggle and adaptation. As we all age, and learn we are not invincible (my heart attack proved the point for me), we need to do things to spice up life.
A history of heart attacks is on one side of my parents family, so mine might be genetic. However,I had  blossomed to 183 pounds in the morning when getting out of bed, and 186 when going to bed... the highest it has ever been.

I am now at 171 pounds this morning, and determined to get below 170  regularly.... So controlling what we eat, and exercise, is our method of hoping to live to a ripe old age.

Next worry, is that Alzheimer's was significant on the other side of my family.... So,instead of just copying and pasting pictures, it is time I start learning new things, besides travelling...

On long cruises I play bridge on sea days, and that is useful. Yesterday, I did my first attempt at using a previously constructed HTML for a drop down box, and tried to alter and place it in this blog. I adapted only slightly, as it was for a menu at the top of the screen, whereas I wanted it on the side panel. It has a bright yellow color to attract your attention. I have more postings than listed there about my being spanked, but after a while it is terribly monotonous to simply copy, paste, type text, back space on the blog, and then repeat...
I have been sent a far better way from Ronnie (A dear friend) from ronniesoul.blogspot.com
has a far better drop down box, so I will try adapting that for Cindy's spankings, and then redo the red's spankings...
As for spankings... yesterday had a short wooden kitchen stirrer spanking, about twenty spanks on the bare bottom that had me hopping.
On the love making department, we used a little bit of mild bondage while having a fabulous time together. Cindy tied each hand to the night tables on each side of the bed... and the end result was fantastic "O" each.

So, stay healthy, and young at heart...  and if a woman is reading this, try flashing your husband one breast when out in public somewhere, with no one around, and see what fun it might lead to....  MOST PARTNERS WILL LOVE YOUR FLIRTATIOUS EFFORTS, and if you like being spanked, this might guarantee another spanking and much more afterwards really soon.