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spring cleaning time

It is that time of year, when one should be getting out their trusty carpet beater
and shake out the cobwebs that might be in your partner's lethargy to help you.
Be very afraid if she is coming for you.

Well, I wonder if the amount of carpet beaters that are sold today are used for carpet beating, or for one person to be spanking their partner.
Here is a little collection of photos for your imagination to run wild

This lady has been the outdoor recipient of the carpet beater

This lady is waiting for you to undress
The carpet beater can be very effective
Ask this young lady for her opinion.. (aside: I know one woman who looks somewhat like this, and she could certainly use this spanking, often

of course, she would probably want a friend or two help her do this to me

so, why not make spring cleaning fun
at least for you...