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on yesterday's theme

I have always enjoyed the comics titled "Peanuts", something I grew up reading.... Thus, I have a desk calendar with a different cartoon daily. A quote from the back of the October 7th, 2013 cartoon:
On  October 7th, 1913: The first continuously moving assembly line is run at a Ford motor Company plant to assemble a Model T chassis.
fast forward 80 years to 20 years ago.... look at all the amazing stuff we had: video recorders, VHS players, portable boom boxes, Cd's, cassettes, cameras, and more...
 It is good to know that with all this change,
 happily (at least for the spanker)
 if not for the spankee
 that good old-fashioned spankings are available for men
and for women
even old-fashioned ideas of cornertime
enjoy the present, and all of your spankings, whether you give them, or receive them, or both