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vacation spankings

Being out of town for a significant time together, means that you and your partner are almost always together. We were constantly on the go, different hotel most nights, driving and seeing sights all day,  and getting very tired.

At one point, after a disagreement, I suggested that our terseness was due to a lack of spanking, and that Cindy might like to give me a spanking, every morning before we started the day... Cindy agreed that spanking was missing, and we should start immediately.
Thus, each morning for over a week, I was spanked daily. The last week we were staying in one hotel only, so put the television on, hoping to somewhat muffle the noise, and had the window closed. 
Whether we were heard or not, Cindy made certain to lecture while spanking, so that if anyone heard, they would know who was doing the spanking, and who was being spanked.
The last week of the vacation was the best, as any fatigue or stress was spanked away every morning.
It is always good to travel with a wooden hair brush!
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