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spanked again

It seems a bit redundant to write about a spanking, as I have posted so many of these on this blog.

So, in a shortened version, Cindy had not spanked me for awhile, and was unhappy with something I had said a few days earlier. she informed me she was going to spank me, and had me retrieve something leather and something wooden.
The wooden was a paddle, similar in largess to a bath brush, but with quite a thunk on my bottom.
The leather was the heart shaped leather studded paddle.

I retrieved both, and also retrieved and put shoes on Cindy's feet so that her feet were appropriately placed on the ground.
A pat of the knee and I was bent over, and Cindy lowered the panties I was wearing.
No warm-up, just solid quick spanks with the leather implement, with ten to fifteen spanks on one cheek before moving to the to her, and repeat what seemed a very long time. This implement also wraps quite a bit, so the outer part of one cheek, and the crease between the cheeks were also well spanked. My feet were dancing, and I was owwing...

Cindy then switched to the wooden implement (from a friend), and this had me dancing somewhat on her lap.... Many spanks

Then a pause as Cindy rested, reiterated why she was mad at me, and then switched back to the leather paddle for an equally long session, followed by a short session with the wooden paddle.

When Cindy finally stated I could get up, she remarked that you should look in a mirror, that 's is going to be red tomorrow....

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we took a couple of pictures... one is shown here

We then made love, which was wonderful.

Spank away bad feelings, be punished when you are wrong, and make love afterwards, such that the problem has been atoned, and you are both in loving embrace.

A recipe for a lot of fun in a great marriage.
PS: the angle of the photo makes me appear to be much broader at the shoulders, whereas in reality my shoulders are normal width. What do you think of the Victoria Secret orange and white lace panties,the back of which were soothing to my bottom?

PPS: actually, i received another strong spanking with the kitchen food stirrer that evening, and my bottom was quite pink the next day, and reddened even more after my afternoon shower!

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