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It happens, sometimes for no reason whatsoever, that one is just worn out, and not seeing the brighter side of life...

It rarely happens for long, and Cindy's remedy does brighten up my bottom, which leads to a better day. Cindy realized the need, and told me to stand in the corner in our bedroom,
and await the spanking she was going to give me. "Think what has caused you to be spanked, how you can avoid it in the future, and the dancing your feet will soon be doing!"

This spanking happened a number of days ago, and was the typical over the knee, bare bottomed, and a wooden bath brush to calm the soul, but brighten the bottom to a rosy deep ruby red.

A little lecture was included, about all the positive things we have in life,
how doing too many things in a day can overwhelm and wear a person down
with the resultant grumpiness
 which is NOT a solution.

The spanking was long, with multiple flurries of spanks, many spanks to the crease between the bottom and the top of the legs, and many many more above that crease, and a few completely below the crease...
By the end of the spanking, with one pause as Cindy rested, before continuing for another significant dose of spanks, my feet had done a merry dance, and my bottom was extremely well spanked.

We did not make love this time after the spanking.

I did feel much better, and the redness lasted for that day and was still a nice shade of red the next day.

Spanking to solve grumpiness works for us.

bottoms up