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Milked before being Spanked

This is one way to assure that your husband will feel his spanking to be much more severe than normal...

without actually doing severe  damage.
However, you might decide this is too much enjoyment, even though it does the deed quicker...
That lady again !
so you might just sit in the spanking chair, and stroke him, while telling him what a naughty boy he is..
or command that he stroke himself, mocking him, while letting him know how severe his spanking will be..
Oh fuck me yes!
now, he can be made to feel even more submissive, almost like a cow being milked, if you have him bending over a chair on all fours

pardon-my-hardon:  “Why can’t I be like the rest of the farm girls and milk the cows?”
of course, be in charge but aim as you please
Wifey does it one more time !
because enjoying his cum is your PREROGATIVE, even though he has to stand their with his hands by his side, with no movement
She does it again !

most of these gifs come from the following website http://galvygalvy.tumblr.com/archive

milk away aggressively
enjoy the bliss
Yeah. I’d like to.
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