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kitchen spanking

Maybe, just maybe, we are going to have more spanking once again in our life.  Cindy varies back and forth at times, but after some discussion, this morning had a little spanking that was effective to break the ice again.

Cindy decided I should bend over the counter after breakfast,,
pajamas down, and a healthy dose of the wooden soup stirrer.
This photo is a good representation, but the spanking was in a very small area with much repetition, such that this part of my bottom was still reddish late at night, and sore.

I have sent Cindy a link to:
This might be a use of my belt that we have rarely used. The only thing is to ignore the comments about a young girl, etc... as they must use models at least 18 years old or older, and a brief glimpse of the tattoos makes you aware that the woman is older. It is amusing to see the glasses and hairdo to give the impression of youth.