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spanked for real

Well, the little talk, and the video did get results. Cindy did not like the description beside the video, and neither did I . Any talk of spanking young teens I find distasteful, but you know it is not young teens when you see the REALSPANKINGS.com attached to the video...
 The circumstances were that first we had dinner out, and then returned home to cuddle, and fondle, before I was requested to retrieve my leather belt, and arrange the pillows. Cindy expressed concern that I was not supporting my weight on my arms. Arranging three pillows beneath my waist, I was able to be quite relaxed (for the moment) with my weight supported by my whole body, while being on the bed.
We have avoided Cindy using her hand, as one finger was bruised after a spanking and lobster dinner. Not certain if it happened spanking me, or her finger got trapped by the lobster crackers.
Holding the buckle and the tip together, Cindy started spanking my upraised bottom. The belt was very similar to a tawse, as it is quite wide, and very heavy. (Reminder to self - purchase lightweight thin width and thin weighted leather belts).
Cindy did quite a lot of spanks, and they really thudded in. No crisp sounding spank. I had suggested she could move from side to side so as to equally disperse the spanks, and she was quite annoyed at my trying to boss her around. BAD MISTAKE. [Reminder to self- shut up when she says she is going to spank you - just say yes mistress, or yes dear or yes madame]
I did not do much moving about or owwing (I don't think I did), but Cindy paused at least once to check that I was breathing, and not holding my breath. When assured that I was breathing normally, and a little check of how hot my bottom was becoming, the spanking continued.
Cindy alternated spanks that covered the whole bottom, and then only the closest cheek, so she must have used the visual redness to make certain I was getting well tanned on both cheeks. This spanking went on for quite a significant amount of time, and I still have a sore bottom when writing this 24 hours later. This morning  Cindy had me bare my bottom to see what it looked like, and she was very pleased to still see a reddish glow. (the belt is similar as we used)
After the spanking, we had an equally long love making session,including using a vibrator, and lots of oral and intercourse.
We both feel quite worn out today, but a wonderful reason why!!!!

So, I will try more videos from time to time, and the spankings wil lbe more prolonged and remembered.