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kisses on the bottom : Sir Paul McCartney

What a delightful idea, which spankers everywhere can associate with.
Before the first kiss, there is the unbuttoning and lowering of the pants and underwear
However, this is the title of a very good album by Paul McCartney, which most if not all of my readers will know.
When bare, the direction you are headed is due south
I, however, had not seen it until yesterday at the library, so now I have a copy on my computer, and a burned copy for a CD player in the kitchen.
Once bare and directed across the knee, your bottom is going to be kissed briskly!
The hand has your feet already dancing to the beat
To add to your discomfort and remorse, a friend can be seen in the corner of the picture watching you be spanked, but don't worry, the brush will be even worse
So, I recommend you adopt spanking as a problem solving method in a relationship,
and also that you purchase this CD, or at least borrow it from the library as a freebee.
Both spanking and this music is wonderful!!!!
We enjoyed listening to it last evening, while having a romantic dinner of lobster(cold water New England/ or Nova Scotia) and a wonderful Riesling wine  from the Alsace region of France...
PS: the title is from the song: I am going to sit right down and write myself a letter.