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perky Canadian humor (humour) - a toque an d an apology

A Canadian friend sent me this picture.

I guarantee that some  assembly may be required, and I will be happy to help with installation and removal...
another friend wrote:

Just a note to say how much we enjoy your site.  The missus allows me to visit a few sites and yours is one which I enjoy, because so often, I see myself in your pictures of F/M spanking, especially when the guy's in panties, as I usually am.

You have a great sense of humor, obviously enjoy women and being spanked  by them (as well as spanking your own dear wife), and just get a kick out of spanking visuals.  Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind words M, and hope you liked the humor posted today.

The next photo comes from the blog Rose-violette: écriturages de fessée
I have visited their site, and it is an excellent spanking site!
It is written in French, but you can simply click the translate button, choose English, and read to your hearts content.
I apologize for not posting a link, because I was  unaware that this was their photo. As usual, I found it on a tumblr site a while ago, and I save every interesting photo for future use.

I recommend that if you visit, you will enjoy their site.