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naked natural women

Now, this is a dangerous title to post, and I was a little uncertain how to phrase it.
The idea I want to praise, is that many, many tumblrs exist of photos of women flashing, or posing naked.
Why do I praise these sites?
The best reason is because these are photos of women you could see in your everyday life,
in the supermarket, the library, or at the beach.
They are not models for Victoria Secret, and not models you see on the runways, but people who are proud of their bodies!
These people have evolved past being worried that they are not spectacular,
that they are not ashamed to have others see their body,

and that they do not have to have breast implants,
collagen pumped into their bodies,
that they are not anorexic to be beautiful !
So celebrate life in all it's glory
but please do not send me any of the Walmartians photos :)
oh yes, we will be visiting the nude beach in St. Martin this cruise!
I scheduled this post while at home to post on the day we are at the beach!

some sites worth visiting:

The trick is to find real people, not models, who although they are real, they are being paid to pose.
 bottoms up
Red (researching this for my readers is a lot of fun :)