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spanked for fun

The only other spanking on the cruise had Cindy spanking me.

We were cuddling and kissing on the bed, when I suggested that I had not been spanked yet on the cruise.... whereas Cindy had been spanked twice.
Not fair....

I was requested to get the paddle, and then Cindy had me kneel on all fours on the bed.

Grabbing ahold of my erection, she proceeded to start spanking my bare bottom, pausing now and then for a little stroking both my cock and my bottom. This would be the position, but imagine a paddle in Cindy's other hand 
Then more spanks, quite a few more.

The fun part of this spanking was the eroticism, because although the spanking had a owwwing ability, it was more a ahhhhh experience. This was probably the look on my face, but I was not  over Cindy's knees, and also the look of satisfaction on the woman'a face.
with my bottom quite red, Cindy stopped, and I was still erect. Any normal spanking has the erection disappear, but soon to re-appear.

The love making was exquisite.

Play spankings are wonderful