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Cindy Spanked...and Red Spanked

It might be a fun idea to keep track of all real spankings that occur in one year...

Cindy has had her first spanking, for being inconsiderate. Cindy takes fitness classes at the gym, this time a 11:30 class, then stayed later doing a little more of a workout and chatting with friends. What normally would be a 1:00 arrival at home and lunch, became an after 2:00 arrival as I waited for lunch with her, and we did not eat until 2:30. Thus, my plans of going to the gym for that day were shot, as we had other plans later. I stated she should be spanked, and later that afternoon on her own accord, she agreed.
I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the chair as I undid her jeans, and then while scolding lowered her panties, and directed her over my awaiting knees. I decided it should be twenty hand spanks, negotiating upwards in the number of spanks, when she insisted it could not be the hair brush.

Slow relatively significant spanks, lead to owwing and statements "not so hard", with my response that you are supposed to feel the spanks, as I massaged her bottom, followed by some more good spanks.... with a complaint from Cindy and my response that she should be careful, specially since it is her bare bottom resting above my knees and looking  at me... I dragged it out as long as possible, and ended with a little rapid patch of four spanks that had Cindy moving and twisting on my lap.
When permitted to stand up, Cindy thanked me for her spanking. Unfortunately, we had to get ready to go out with friends for dinner, and arrived home late at night, so no love making... Definitely a mistake that we should not repeat.

Just before going to sleep, I suggested to Cindy that she should spank me tomorrow, because as much as she deserved to be spanked, if she spanks me the same day or next, and much harder than she was spanked, I will always know that payback is around the corner, and will learn to restrict the spankings of her bottom to only necessary ones, without any frivolous reasons.

Two days after Cindy's spanking, Cindy decided that I should be spanked. Cindy used a wooden paddle that we had purchased in Ireland (a shorten version of a hurley stick).

It was pants down and over the knee for a strong long dose of the hurley paddle, with my flimsy panties on.
I am getting to learn, that if the panties stay on, then it will be a more significant spanking. After significant feet dancing, and owwing, I was permitted to rise, but only to lower the panties, and back over the knee I went. Cindy took to heart my request that she should spank harder, which I had suggested a few months back, and she is following through on each spanking. Hard slow spanks, each packing a wallop, alternating cheek to cheek, and then staying in one spot for a while before moving to a new spot to dally for a while.

To my surprise, the scolding was about when I my sometimes cleaning the dishes in the kitchen , I do not look around to find everything, and that means things are left unclean. Rest assured that this fault will be corrected pronto. No mention whatsoever of her spanking....

This hurley stick has both a weighted paddle end that deliver a strong spank, but also the wood handle delivers it's own spank at the same time... yowsers...