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On the Road again

actually, on the high seas, as the Caribbean is a far nicer place to be than in the frigid northern USA.
We will be on a three week cruise. (next photo from http://skinnydippingnude.tumblr.com)
I have built up numerous posts in advance for your enjoyment while I am away.
or maybe you prefer my pictures with less unnecessary scenery

I may be able to drop by and read comments and respond, but unlikely because their is little WIFI at the beach, and even if there is, the men will at least understand

the sights are too interesting to be blogging.....
remember, always exercise at the beach
AHA!!!! HUSBANDS BEWARE.... did you see the women staring at her husband in the next photo... keep looking, you will eventually see her.... Might she be saying:
What are you staring at dear husband.... 
reply: what..OH!  the snorkelers, yes dear..
bye for now
one last photo.. and these ladies keep getting between me and the turtle (looks like a rock between the man and the ladies, but was a turtle... can you see the man...stop staring at the women....

bottoms up    a cruising we shall go

and one photo for Ronnie