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vacation spanking

It depends on the type of vacation you have, as to whether spanking can make it onto the agenda. We did a eight day ski vacation, where one day was getting to the mountain, and one day to return.
This resulted in six days of skiing for me, and four for Cindy.

Really happy to have skied for six days, and really happy to be relaxing and recuperating at home now.

Thus, on the night before returning home, I asked Cindy for a spanking before making love.
Being the wonderful wife that  Cindy is, she gladly accommodated my request.
Bare bottom, over Cindy's knees, for a nice bottom warming with our travelling wooden hairbrush. I never got to the owwwing and feet dancing, but the spanking was still effective, and then making love was delicious.
No chance of being overheard, as these were classy accommodations, and the walls were soundproof.

Spanking on vacations is fun... try it sometime!!!