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Spanking and Making love once again

In  considering Ronnie's New Year Resolution of hoping to be spanked more often, I am going to try to adopt this also.

Thus, we had a little discussion of my needing to be spanked more often, just for pleasure, as opposed to because I have done something wrong. Cindy has a little difficulty understanding this, but is agreeable. The question that you have not done anything to merit being spanked, was replied with the idea that I could deliberately do something to annoy her, and would be spanked for it, but I'd rather not upset her just to be spanked.

I must say that being spanked for a specific reason has removed a lot of our everyday annoyances, as little things that annoyed Cindy have been corrected (closing closet doors, kitchen cupboards, leaving clothes lying on chairs, leaving the toilet seat up, etc...)

Thus, the idea would be at least one weekly spanking, simply as a maintenance warning to keep up the good behavior.

I also (topping from the bottom for certain), asked that Cindy start going through our repertoire of spanking implements, thus increasing the variety of feel and her displaying some dominance in choosing the implement to spank me with. We agreed to implement this soon.

The follow-up to the discussion... later that day, Cindy had a refreshing bath, put on sexy lingerie, retrieved two spanking implements( the leather finger strap, and a leather solid strap), then called me to the bedroom.

First, after some cuddling and necking,
and then it was panties down, and I was OTK, for a significant session with the finger strap, which had my feet dancing and verbally owwwing.
Cindy then permitted me to get up, and we adjusted position such that I was kneeling on the chair with my bottom sticking out for the strap.
Cindy really enjoyed this, and I could see her, out of the corner of my eye, bringing her arm way way back and then swinging through strongly... which totally took my attention away from her efforts and towards the resulting flame on my bottom....

When Cindy tired, she stated that the spanking was finished, wherein, we then started to cuddle and caress and kiss, while I thanked her, and then proceeded to glorious love making and orgasms for each of us....