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managing stress

The ups and dips in life makes for interesting times. Cindy three days before New Year's had one of those dips, where she got stuck in the shower (and had to manhandle the shower doors to get out), as I could not hear her distress, watching football in a different room on a different level of the house. (Actually watching three games, one on the computer, and switching back and forth on the tv).

The Cindy had done some work outside, and her feet were very cold, not using her warm boots.... which she did not know where they were, but I knew and retrieved them instantly when she asked... albeit much later than when she needed them.

and then a third thing happened that had her lose it.. so to speak... she began ranting and raving (my opinion) and I responded.. and it got somewhat ugly.. and our blood pressures must have been higher than they should be, when I told her she should be spanked.... and she kept going... and I said this could cause me another heart attack at the rate this is going... so I wrestled with her to get her onto her stomach on the bed, and struggling gave her six firm spanks on her jean clad bottom...

This ended the argument, and as they say we went to separate corners. Cindy was not happy that I had forcibly spanked her, but she calmed down completely, and my stress abated. All was calm and normal for the rest of the evening.
The next day, I apologized to her for spanking her against her will, and requested that she cane me for this behavior. She said she would think about it, and later agreed. I did say in my defense, that my actions had stopped the insanity, and that the spanks were needed to break the cycle. I also reminded her that she accepted twenty hard spanks with the hairbrush on her bare bottom for a problem that is only now slightly re-surfacing. (that problem was simply stepping out of her shoes, wherever, andnot putting them away, so that they were in the middle of the bedroom, or the hall, or wherever,  and one of us could trip and have a serious accident.)

I retrieved the cane, dropped my pants and underwear, and bent at the waist,a s Cindy applied twelve strokes with the cane. They were not as strong as my last spanking with the hair brush.
When finished, (photo above.. this is me) I thanked Cindy for the spanking, we agreed that the problem was done and gone.

I asked Cindy if this ever repeated itself, would she give me permission to spank her, even somewhat against her will at the moment, if  it is the only way I can see to get her out of a terrible mood, with the provision that the next  day, or later the smae day, she could spank me as long and as hard as she deems appropriate, fand for as many days as she believes appropriate.

She said she will think about it, and I have not asked her opinion about this yet!

Some ways are better than others, but when we are overwrought.. and stressed out, spanking does break the cycle...