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Small Significant Spanking

I am not certain of your relationship, but we do not schedule weekly spankings. Thus, we tend to go towards the feast and famine type scenario. Currently,we are in the feast scenario, and I am feeling a spanked bottom whenever I sit.

Maybe I can keep track for awhile, but I do not always post about every time I am spanked.

This spanking was short, as we had to be somewhere, so Cindy simply picked up the hairbrush, had me bend over her knee, and whacked away significantly. Quantity was replaced by quality, and feet were dancing almost immediately.. When permitted to stand, I thanked her, and had a quick look in the mirror.

The bottom half of my bottom was rosy red, but the top half was white. Cindy explained that when over my knee, that part of my bottom has no flesh covering it to spank. I suggested that if she wanted to spank this mostly virgin area of my bottom that rarely is spanked, she should have me stand, then the area is more padded.

Cindy decided to see if this was correct, picked up the wooden hairbrush, and gave probably six spanks, three to each side, and I was shocked. This is virgin area on my bottom, and wow, did it hurt.
We talked a little while driving to visit the people where we were going, and I felt those last spanks throughout the drive and the remainder of the day. I did, however, suggest to Cindy that if she thinks I need to be spanked, then our life is not such a panic that she does not have time to do it. We can always make apologies for being a few minutes late, as when you are driving more than 30 minutes to arrive somewhere in the city, simple traffic and lights and slow-downs can cause one to be late.

Cindy agreed that in future we should always have time to deal with a proper spanking, whenever needed, and that those last spanks standing seemed very effective, which I assured her they were.

The spankings relieve Cindy's stress very effectively, and make me an even more attentive husband.