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LOLITA - Fifty shades of Grey -humor

Oh, the joys it could be, if one could be young and single again if only for a week!
(However, it would be wonderful to be young again, and single and just meeting Cindy for the first time)

Times have changed, but these photos shows that the young women of today have many ways to attract a man.

Note that no towel is on either side of her, so she is alone.  She looks absolutely gorgeous in her bikini!! I took this picture last January, so am posting it only now. I have blocked out her eyes in the second photo, so that she can not be identified.

but the key item : FIFTY SHADES OF GREY
 Look carefully beside her jean shorts, and you will see Fifty shades of Grey. The book is open part way through, and facing anyone walking by so that they see what she is reading, and the conversation could become very very interesting.

I took the photo from quite a distance, on a higher deck, using a zoom, when I thought I spied the book so PROMINENTLY displayed besides a gorgeous young woman.

Was she awake and just looking for someone to walk by.... We will never know...

fifty shades of grey humor

Four guys have been going to the same fishing trip for many years.
Two days before the group is to leave, Ron's wife puts her foot down and tells him he isn't going. Ron's mates are very upset that he can't go, but what can they do.

Two days later, the three get to the camp site only to find Ron sitting there with a tent set up,
firewood gathered, and dinner cooking on the fire.

"Shit Ron, how long you been here, and how did you talk your missus into letting you go ?"

"Well, I've been here since yesterday. Yesterday evening, I was sitting in my chair and my wife
came up behind me and put her hands over my eyes and said, 'Guess who ?'" I pulled her hands off, and she was wearing a brand new nightie. She took my hand and pulled me to our bedroom. The room had candles and rose petals all over. On the bed she had handcuffs, and ropes!  She told me to tie her up and cuff her to the bed, so I did.  
And then she said, "Do whatever you want."  
"So, Here I am !"

have fun...
grow old but never grow up..
stay young at heart