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reward spankings - A new phraseology

Recently, a wonderful spanking story was posted by Ronnie, a good friend. Click here to read it.

What do you think? I described it as a discipline spanking, but Ronnie does not like that term, nor do I. Cindy does not like a spanking referred to as a discipline spanking....

Therefore, i am suggesting we call it a reward spanking,  and I credit the idea to P for causing me to think about this issue.


How do you possibly give a disciplinary spanking to modify behavior, when the person enjoys being spanked!!!!!!

Change the terminology.

Aside: This terminology only applies to those of us who enjoy and crave being spanked. This is a consensual play behavior between two consenting adults. This is not where one person controls the other, in a taken in hand type situation.

The setting:

The person who loves being spanked, has done something that has annoyed the spanker.

The spanker would like this situation changed!

Give an unexpected spanking!

As a reward to the spankee for, in future, modifying the behavior that has annoyed the spanker

We, in the past, have used a baseball three strikes and you are out...

First spanking is strike one.... and time will tell if modification has occurred.

Second spanking for the same problem is strike two, a much more serious spanking, and one that better result in visible change...

We have not needed strike three, but Cindy has stated she might withdraw spanking if the use of spanking is not effective...

However, if another spanking is needed many many months later, we have sort of moved to a repeat of strike two. We are not perfect, so forgetting after a long time can be accepted,once...

Almost every real over the knee bare bottom spanking has resulted in love making almost immediately. No offense is needed for a spanking, and they are not really a maintenance spanking. Simply a spanking as prelude to love making, because it revs both of our engines so well. When I start to fondle Cindy after being spanked, she is either moist or wet, and I rebound with a strong erection almost immediately, even after a very strong spanking.

Instead of discipline spankings, might we start calling them REWARD spankings!!!