the POWER of the CHAIR

One fascinating, enthralling, exciting, and yet also fear producing site is a woman seated on a chair, with what can only be described as "THE LOOK"

The look might be that all knowing smile, that says whatever excuse you give will not deter the spanking that awaits later
It might be the crossed arms and the chair pulled out into the middle of the room
The crossed arms stating your goose is cooked
The LOOK of annoyance at so lame of an excuse
or the hand going to the knee saying over her for young man..   
  or when your partner is seated, and gives you "THE LOOK", you can hear the words
 without her having to say anything
 It is far better to be spanked and then work actively on solving the problem
 Than have a disagreement and stay angry at each other!

 Of course, if you are already naked, and she is seated holding a hairbrush and looking at you, you know your fate is sealed