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Spanked by wife

Some readers are only involved in disciplinary spankings, and that is exactly how we began. I had to convince Cindy to spank me, and used many of the ideas from the www.Disciplinarywivesclub.com to talk Cindy into trying.

We still use disciplinary spankings, but we also do spankings just for the fun of using spankings as foreplay. I wonder how many couples are similar to us.

Two days ago, we decided on a leisurely afternoon to include sex, and Cindy went and took a long bath. After the bath, we discussed whether she should spank me or not, always worried about my heart being safe.

Soon, I was over her knees on the bed, so my whole body was supported, and Cindy used the  metal studded leather heart paddle. She likes using this instrument, and it is extremely EFFECTIVE.

No warm-up, and no lowering of my panties ensued. No warm-up makes the first spanks very effective, and then the heat just continues to rise.  I found my self squirming and owwing very quickly. This implement is somewhat whippy,as it bends at the end when moving away from my bottom after a spank, and whips forward on contact, Maybe about twenty or so spanks whacked my bottom,before Cindy paused.

A pause, that Cindy used to have me raise my bottom up so that she could lower my panties! She also had me move so that she could put my penis between her thighs, and gave a little squeeze. The pause has me trying to shake off the sting, and an all too sudden a resumption of many fast hard spanks now has my bottom on fire! My feet have joined in the dance, and the devilish tip of the heart shaped paddle is now finding normally unspanked areas between my cheeks. This tip is also having the most whip action imaginable. I have no idea how many spanks occurred, which is one devious way to count and lessen the intensity, as Cindy stated "are you breathing while continuing to spank. I responded yes and no letup was in site.  Finally Cindy stopped, and I just sort of collapsed my body somewhat...Wow,what an effective spanking!

Cindy once again asked about my continuing to breathe and not hold my breath. I am breathing, and unexpectedly a third round of even more spanks descended on my bottom! I really started to lose it, with feet dancing wildly, owwing significantly, and squirming as though I had never been spanked before. This new round seemed to go on forever, which it didn't, but I have no idea how many spanks, or how long. My mind simply was trying to absorb and  understand what was happening. My mind could not even  focus, as it sometimes does, on wondering why I ever asked to be spanked. Time effectively stood still, while the spanks rained down.

Cindy finally stopped, and permitted me to get up. I thanked her for the spanking, and she remarked how I really seemed to react to the spanking. What she did not realize that while concentrating on my breathing, and listening for it, she was continuing to rapidly apply hard spanks to my bottom.

Whatever  people refer to as subspace, I was close to it, if not in it.

The love making afterwards was fabulous, with various positions, oral and penetrative sex, and Cindy having a fabulous screaming orgasm
while I orally pleased her,, followed by cowboy and reverse cowboy bringing me to a fabulous Orgasm

Spanking and sex... what a wonderful combination.