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Cindy spanked

CLARIFICATION:  This is NOT a picture of us. No pictures of Cindy or myself appear in my blog.

While on the cruise vacation, Cindy was spanked once. Cindy's spankings are never long in nature, and almost always with the bare hand, over the knee on a bare bottom.


Cindy  has to agree that her behavior warrants a spanking, and I have to agree that the incident is closed and forgotten when the spanking has ended.

The forgetting part is much easier now as we are getting older, as i have no recollection of why the spanking occurred, while I am writing this.

Cindy's bottom reddens extremely quickly, and if she were sitting in a chair, it is sometimes a light shade of red simply by sitting. Cindy is in no way overweight. If she crosses her legs, you can see the red mark where one leg crossed on top of the other, for a few seconds or more when she uncrosses her legs.

This session, like sessions when I am spanked, was followed by mutually fulfilling sex.

Just as a reminder, we frequently have sex where no spanking is involved, but having sex after being spanked is fabulous also.

PS: i seem remiss in not posting about spankings, so I will start dong that more frequently.