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Cane before dinner party

We are having lots of fun with little spankings! Sometimes Cindy knows she has done something wrong, and its bare bottom for four or five hand spanks on the spot, obviously at home. Yesterday had this, and shortly thereafter I was bent over for a little dose of the wooden soup stirrer, which is attention getting to say the least. Cindy applies this implement to the top part of my bottom cheeks, areas that are seldom  spanked when over her knee.

There must have been about ten spanks, which hurt like the blazes, but when I was able to look in the mirror a minute later, no red mark whatsoever. OUCH!!! Imagine if it had left marks after many more had been applied.
This is really strange, because today I read Ronnie's blog where she had asked P to cane her.  Great minds think alike. Maybe it was her writing about how she was looking forward to more canings, because a spark was a bit lit inside me.

We were having friends for dinner, ones that I have previously described. Late in the afternoon I asked Cindy if she could give me a little spanking (never be too brave when you ask, you might just get it and MORE)  before they came over, to help me thorugh the night. Cindy stated she was too busy preparing dinner.

about thirty minutes before they arrived, I asked if Cindy could come upstairs to our bedroom for a minute, and when she arrived, I was holding the cane.
I again asked if she could help, and she agreed. Bare bottom in a flash, bending over a little at the waist, Cindy did some light double spanks (whack whack) while discussing the evening. I felt each one, but not as severe as the food stirrer. After about ten Cindy stopped, but I asked if she could do two more harder. She did, and I felt them, and the spanking was over. (Foolish boy not asking for 6 of the best) They barely made a slight line across my bottom.

The evening went very poorly, but not on my account.

I am intrigued to be caned again, and this time stronger.... but I remember Cindy having stated a few times when a spanking got extremely intense... beware what you wish for, you might just get it.