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If there is one blog that has done more to promote other spanking blogs it has to be Bonnie's blog "My Bottom Smarts". She seems to find new blogs on a weekly bias and publishes links to the on her blog as well take the time to read and leave comment on them. For that reason she in more than worthy of my praise for her blog but there more to her blog than that.

It not only promotes other peoples blog it is also a blog in it own right. I would describe it is a blog about spanking and life, and it is well worth reading. It has probably covered everything over the seven or more years that Bonnie has been writing it. I can only guess that she has had millions of page views by now and because of her skill it must be one the post non-commercial popular spanking blogs on the internet. There isn't a single advert. It is all written for the love of life, writing and spanking. It is well worth checking out and adding to your Google Reader list, here is a link to her blog - "My Bottom Smarts".