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Story - Nice Neighbor Lady

Well it is a very busy day here in Mr and Ms Kinky land and I don't want to leave you all with nothing to read so I thought I would add another story for you all to read. This story like many others first appeared on the usenet spanking groups many years ago. It was written by someone called Otkfme and it is a very fine story indeed that caught my imagination when I first came across it. I hope you approve of the picture I found to go with it, a loady whose cane I would love to feel.

Nice Neighbor Lady

After I graduated from college, I lived in an apartment for about five years. I didn't like living in the apartment because of the lack of privacy, lack of parking, and other little things; so as soon as I could afford it, I bought a small house in the suburbs. The house was located in a safe and well-lit neighborhood. Since it was in a circle drive, there wasn't much traffic.

My neighbors were real friendly, and I got to meet all of them. There was one lady who lived two houses down from me who I really liked. She was always at home during the day, so if I had any special packages delivered that needed to be signed for, she would do it for me.

I never knew how she paid for her mortgage and expenses, but she was always nice to me. I soon found out that her name was Sue, or Susan, and she was about ten years older than I was. She always had her yard work completed by professional companies, but I did see her outside a lot, taking care of her garden.

One day Sue went on a short vacation, and she was gone from Tuesday until Saturday evening. During that same week, I was off work and mainly stayed around my house. Well, Sue had a delivery of some boxes, so I signed for them and held them for her. One of the boxes had split open during delivery, and you could see that it contained two wooden paddles. One paddle had two rows of holes in it, and the other one looked more like a ping pong paddle. I was curious why Sue would order these paddles, but I told the delivery service that Sue would need to look over the contents of the box to see if something was missing or if it was damaged.

The paddles reminded me of what the teachers used on naughty students when I was growing up. Corporal punishment was widely used in the schools and was endorsed by all of the parents. I wasn't always the brightest student in the class and I liked to tease the girls, so I received the paddle on many occasions. Looking back on my school years, I did feel that a good spanking kept me in line and helped me concentrate on my schoolwork.

Sue arrived home as expected on Saturday evening. So on Sunday afternoon, I gathered up her boxes and rang her doorbell. Sue saw that I had many boxes, so she invited me into her living room.

"Thank you for signing for that delivery." Sue said. "I was expecting it before I left."

"But one box is damaged." I pointed this out to her. "And I noticed that the box contains two wooden paddles. I told the delivery service that you would inspect the box to make sure everything was alright, and call them up if there was any trouble."

"Let me check this out to make sure I got the whole order." Sue said as she began to open the other boxes. "I hope the paddles didn't embarrass you."

"No they didn't." I replied. "They reminded me of the paddles that were used on me when I was a naughty schoolboy. I used to tease the girls during class and was often spanked for it."

As she opened the other boxes, I noticed that they contained a riding crop, a school cane with a curved handle, and some other paddles.

"So you were a naughty boy while in school. Do you miss those school days?" Sue asked.

"Actually, I do." I replied. "I think those spankings did help my behavior."

"Clyde, I haven't told you what I do in this house to make money, but since you like the paddles, let me tell you. Men like to visit me to make their childhood fantasies come true. Many men, like yourself, like to relive their school years when they were spanked in school. I role-play with them where I am the teacher and they are the students. Of course they are naughty, and I spank them."

"That sounds very interesting. Can you tell me more?" I asked.

"Better yet, let me show you a special room in the basement. Follow me."

Soon I was following Sue down her stairs into the basement. She opened the door and it looked like a small schoolroom. Around two of the walls was a large blackboard. The room had a large wooden teacher's desk with some paddles hanging from it, and there were three old wooden student desks.

"This does remind me of my old school days." I said.

"If you would like to relive your old school days, I could help you out. Usually I charge money for this, but since you are my neighbor and you helped me with receiving this delivery, I will let you relive your school days for free. Would you be interested?" Sue asked.

I never expected Sue to have a room like this in her basement, and I was overwhelmed what was happening to me. But I said, "Sure, I'd be interested."

Sue walked to the back of the room to a closet. "Did your school make you where uniforms?"

"Yes, we had to wear shorts, a white shirt and tie." I answered.

"That's good to hear, because this school has the same uniform code. What is your waist size?" Sue asked.

"I think its 34." I replied.

She reached into the closet and pulled out a pair of shorts, a white shirt, and a thin tie. Sue walked over and handed them to me and said, "Try these on, they should fit you. If not, there are other sizes in the closet. Fold up your clothes and put them in the closet. Keep on your shoes and socks, and don't wear any underwear under the school shorts. Have a seat at a student desk after you are in the uniform, and I'll be right back. I am looking forward to use some of my new school supplies on you."

Then she quickly left the room and closed the door behind her. Surprisingly, everything fit me. The school shorts were made out of a very thin material, and I felt vulnerable with no underwear under these thin shorts. It did remind me of the uniform I was required to wear when I was in school. I folded up my regular clothes and put them in the closet and took a seat at one of the desks.

In a few minutes, Sue walked back in. This time she had on a long black robe like what my teachers used to wear, and she had on glasses. She had a long wooden pointer with her, and a very stern face.

"Class, my name is Miss Smith and I will be your new teacher. We will now review your last assignment. Clyde, can you tell me the names of the first three Presidents of the United States?"

I was always bad with history, so I honestly answered, "I don't know."

"So I see you must not of completed your homework. In my class, students who don't complete their homework get a spanking." She pulled out the chair from under the teacher's desk and sat down on it. "Come over here so that I can give you an over the knee hand spanking."

I felt that I had no choice but to follow her directions and to stand beside her. Once at her side, she opened her robe to reveal a very nice pair of legs. She was wearing a black corset, black panties, a black garter belt, and black nylon stockings. As she put her hand on my back to guide me over her lap, she spread her thighs apart a little. To my surprise and embarrassment, I felt myself have an erection. Then I felt her thighs move together and squeeze my now hard penis.

"You will now receive a hand spanking for not doing your homework." Then my spanking started. I felt like a little boy again, being spanked over the lap of my teacher. The very thin shorts gave me little protection, and I moved around a little as she spanked me. "Stay still, or your spanking will last even longer." So I stayed as still as I could as I was spanked."

Sue quit spanking me and said, "Stand up and then sit down at your desk. Our next subject will be math." As I stood up, my shorts made a tent from my erection, but Sue acted like she didn't notice since she was writing on the blackboard. I quickly took my seat at a student desk but had to sit down slowly because of my spanking.

Sue had written three very complicated math problems on the blackboard. "Clyde, please come up front and solve these math problems. If you studied, you should be able to solve them in two minutes. If you don't solve the problems, you will receive another spanking with a paddle over my desk. Your two minutes have started right now."

If I had a calculator, I probably would have been able to solve them in two minutes, but since I didn't have a calculator, I didn't even know where to start. Soon she said, "Your two minutes are up. Come over and bend over the end of my desk for your next spanking."

She cleared off her desk, and soon I was bent over her desk. Then to my amazement, I felt her fingernails in the elastic waistband of my shorts, and she pulled them down to my knees. She next took my shirttail and pinned it to the top of my shirt. Now my ass was completely naked and totally exposed to be paddled. She put three paddles on the desk next to my face. One had holes in it, one was like a ping-pong paddle, and one was a long thin wooden paddle.

She picked up the one that looked like a ping-pong paddle and said, "I will start with twenty swats from this paddle. Please count them out loud."

I next felt her hand stroking my upturned bottom, then SWAT! It surprised me and all I said was "Ouch."

"You forgot to count that swat, so it we be repeated. Are you ready to count out loud?" She asked.

"I guess so, Sue!" I replied. SWAT. SWAT.

I felt two hard quick swats and she said, "Always address me as Miss Smith, and those two swats will also not count. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Miss Smith." I answered.

"That's a lot better. Here we go again, with twenty swats." Then my paddling began. She gave me twenty swats with the ping-pong type paddle, ten swats with the thin paddle, and fifteen swats with the paddle with the holes in it. That last one really stung my bottom. I had to count all of the swats out loud.

At the end of my paddling she said, "Stand up, don't pull up your shorts, and walk over to the corner with your hands on top of your head. You will now get five minutes of corner time."

As I stood in the corner, I felt her hands rub my bottom. "Your ass has turned a nice even red color. It will probably feel warm for a few days. When you were in school, were you ever caned?"

"Only once, Miss Smith. When I was sent to the principal's office for writing graffiti on the wall of the classroom."

"Since I just got a new cane, I want to try it out on you. This time I want you to bend over my teacher's chair and hold on to the seat of the chair. Please assume that position."

I remembered that the cane really stung my ass, so I wasn't looking forward to be caned. But I assumed the position and bent over the chair. Next I felt her fingernails in the waistband of my shorts, and this time she took them completely off of me. "Please spread your legs for me."

I felt very embarrassed because I was well aware that this made my penis and balls hang down completely exposed, between my legs. So I didn't spread my legs apart very far. "You can do better than that. Spread your legs even further." I felt the tap of the cane on my tender inner thighs as I spread my legs far apart. "You will get six strokes of the cane. Please count them out loud, and say 'Thank you, Miss Smith' after each stroke. Do you understand, Clyde."

"Yes, Miss Smith!" I replied.

I think I was in sixth grade when I received a caning, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I felt a tap on my already sore ass, heard a whistle, then WHACK! It felt like a straight line of fire went across my ass cheeks. It jolted my whole body.

"What do you say?" Miss Smith asked.

"One. Thank you, Miss Smith." I didn't remember the cane hurting this much.

Tap. Whistle. WHACK!

"Two, Thank you, Miss Smith."

"You are taking your caning very well." Miss Smith said. Then she tapped my penis and balls with the tip of the cane. This made me very aware that I was naked from the waist down, bent over a chair with my legs apart. Also, I was allowing my neighbor to see me this way and cane me. I instantly became aroused, and my erection came back.

Tap. Whistle. WHACK!

"Three, Thank you, Miss Smith." Now I was feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Tap. Whistle. WHACK!

"Four, Thank you, Miss Smith." Now it felt like I had four parallel straight-line burns on my ass.

"You're doing very well. Only two strokes left.

She tapped my dangling balls and penis, then Tap. Whistle. WHACK!

"Five, Thank you, Miss Smith."

"This will be the last stroke. Be sure and stay in position and do not rub your ass until I tell you to."

Although the cane stung my bottom, I still had an erection. The heat from my spanking and caning kept me sexually excited.

Tap. Whistle. WHACK!

"Six, Thank you, Miss Smith." I held my bent over position as Miss Smith reached into the teacher's desk and pulled out a jar of cold cream.

As she applied it to my hot and sore bottom, it felt very good. Her hands also reached between my legs and stroked my erect penis and balls. "Stay bent over, but put your hands behind your back." I did so and she reached into a drawer and this time pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Although, my hands were in back of me, I was still unable to rub my bottom. "Now stand up and face me with your legs apart."

With my hands handcuffed behind me, this made my erection stand out in front of me. "Let's take care of this." She said as she stroked my erect penis. She reached into a drawer again, and this time pulled out a condom. She placed it on me and stroked me until my cum shot into the condom. I actually felt wonderful, even though I had just been spanked and caned.

"Turn around, so that I can undo the cuffs. Then you can rub your bottom an clean up." Miss Smith said.

She took off the cuffs, and showed me the bathroom that was down the hall. It had a full-length mirror and I could see six parallel red lines from the cane on my very red bottom. I washed up, and went to the schoolroom where I changed back to my regular clothes.

"Let me show you two other fantasy rooms that are down here." Sue said.

One room looked like a doctor's exam room. It had a medical table and a lot of medical instruments. Another room had a wall full of paddles and other spanking implements. It had a large wooden X on one wall and many different pieces of equipment in the middle.

We went back upstairs and discussed my school experience. I told her that I enjoyed it, and would be interested in experiencing the other rooms. She said that maybe we could work something out if I were to help her do things around her house. Since she had just got back in town on Saturday, she said she had many things to do and that we would talk some more later.

When I delivered her boxes, I never expected what actually happened to me that Sunday afternoon.


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