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The Spank Shop blogspot

If you like spanking fiction, and most of us do from time to time, then I recommend you look at this site run by Aunty Andrea.

I know nothing about Aunty Andrea, but she has some interesting fiction, and opinions than many  of us might relate to.
 Her stories can be role play, because I very strongly approve of the message at the top  of the blog:

Please note: The Spank Shop and its characters are not real and the stories in no way promote or endorse the spanking of minors. Spanking is an activity that should be done between consenting adults only!

The story that caught and held my attention is as follows...


You will find references to spanking teenagers, but remember that this is FICTION!!! As with everything in life, no one is as perfect and sensible as ourselves... but then why do our partners need to spank us at times, even at times when we thought all was well and we had not transgressed..
The blog started March 19, 2011, so you will have fun reading any posts that strikes your fancy...

The fantasy of being sent to someone for a spanking is rather intriguing.... and wouldn't it be lovely to send Clare to be spanked, but better yet, to be able to spank Clare ONCE!!!
Has anyone ever been  in a spanking relationship where they are sent to anther person to be spanked, for whatever reason...