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play spanking

Play spankings are fun, and many times just as significant as punishment spankings. We have done little of either as Cindy  has not been very well for almost two  weeks.

Cindy was feeling somewhat better, and initiated the activity by having me bend over (bare bottomed of course, and spanking me with one hand, while fondling my cock with her other hand. This immediately caused a reaction,that the spanking did not deter in the least.... 

We then proceeded to general necking and fondling, and I suggested a little spanking with an implement would be fun.  Cindy immediately agreed, so she promptly sat on the spanking chair in our bedroom, I retrieved shoes for her feet, and the metal studded heart shaped paddle that she really loves to use.

If you do not own a metal studded leather  paddle, I do recommend it for your use or for your bottom.

Cindy can spank quite a heat into my bottom, and enjoyed seeing my feet dancing in pace to the strokes. She paused a couple of times to say are you breathing, as I tend to hold my breath (not consciously) to lessen the effect of the spanking.I would start breathing normally, and then the spanking continued.
When Cindy stopped, my bottom was extremely red, and the lovemaking continued. Cindy used a little bondage of tying my hands together, and the remainder of the sexual encounter I will leave to your imagination.

We had a wonderful time. Hope you have similar experiences soon, and I fervently hope Cindy will be rid of this virus ASAP.