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high heels for men

Okay, so the hot weather is getting to me...
I like to click on any commenter's blogger name ot see if they have a blog, but also to see what blogs they have joined.
Well, the most recent joiner is wendygrrl, and the spelling of grrl should alert everyone that this is a link to the transgender lifestyle. Everyone may have their own kink, and who am I to object... Many of my  followers I think may join this blog so as to find other members of the transgender lifestyle. (I had originally written scene, but with more openness this is a lifestyle)

When looking at the blogs listed, I found high heels for men!
 I must admit their was a fashion era when I was younger (much younger), where men to be fashionable wore platform shoes. Yes, I wore them, but the fashion changed really quickly, and I was glad it did.

So, if you would like to take a walk on the wilder side...
be certain to also visit:    http://hosieryformen.blogspot.com/
You can even read about mantyhose....
I must admit that I have worn what is called long underwear when snow skiing, but they did not go over your foot.

So, if you want to make a fashion statement at your next event, maybe try one of the above.
Thanks Wendygrrl for the insight your blog list gives everyone.