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Tumblr Update

Regular readers will know that last week I published a post on my tumblr feed, well is is still early days, but I have managed to find a theme I like and I have updated the site as well as adding to my collection of pictures. It goes without saying I will add more content soon, in fact it is rather addictive.

So far I have added all kinds of things that I have found and other stuff I have rebloged. All of them things that interest me. It is amazing how much your tumblr account say's about you and, in the case of an adult feed your sexuality too. I just find it amazing that people are following the feed and have the same interests too, but then again sex is a draw for all of us.

I'm still working on the theme for my tumblr and before I get it right I still I need to learn a little more coding. The standard themes offered by tumblr seem so uninspiring, but thankfully there are a lot of themes out there you can modify to suit your needs.  I would love to see what others that read the blog are upto on tumblr so why not leave a link to your feed in the comment box for us all to follow.